Ingeneum Collaboration Hub

Comprises like-minded individuals who believe that they can make a difference, not only within organizations but in the lives of the individuals making up those organizations.

With extensive experience in organizational development, management and business coaching, leadership and youth development, education, mental conditioning and change management, the capabilities of the hub are vast.


The Hub endeavours to deliver innovative solutions based on visionary ideas.

Thomas van der Spuy



Graphic Design

Live event AV

Hilton Stander

Education Management

Leadership Development

Motivational Speaker


Daryl Williams

Organisational Development


Learning Design

Process Facilitator

Change Champion

Candice Schwegmann



Data Management

Marketing Support

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Create Optimal Performance at Organisational Level through our 3-step process

Our Team Can Help Your Team...


Developing original concepts and designing the most effective approach, methodology, tools and measurement system.

A collaborative process that includes the INGENEUM Collaboration Hub, our clients and a cross-section of expert partners.


Producing original, high quality tools, activities, media and measurements

Takes place ‘behind closed doors’ or together with our client, we like your participation in the production process wherever possible


Activation = Implementation

This is when it all goes LIVE

We can implement on your behalf, but we prefer equipping you to do so – you will enjoy building success AND reaping the rewards

Measure, measure, measure – before, during and afterwards